Where's My Little Boy?

I realized I never posted a senior picture of my son, Jordan! He moved in when he was a chubby faced 3 1/2 year old. That was 15 years ago! Now he is tall and thin with a huge heart for people.

He's thinking about going to college to become a history teacher. Jordan is passionate about any history he can learn and he loves to talk non-stop about anything he's learned! LOL! So I would love to see him be able to utilize his love for both history and telling facts. We used to call him our own little CNN news!

Please pray for him as he is making life changing decisions. Thank you!

Wordless Wednesday

Now that's what I call dog tired!

Wordless Wednesday

This was on a Monday evening. Ooh, scary!

This was the next evening. What a difference!

Camera Critters

This is the lovely face I get to wake up to each morning! And trust me, she has morning breath too!

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Aloha Friday

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