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Wordless Wednesday

My baby had eye surgery on Monday. This new funnel thingy has been oh so much fun. As if she wasn't spoiled before, we now have to hold her bowl as she eats and drinks. And she still thinks that she can sleep right on top of her daddy with that thing on! I have to admit I have laughed a lot this week!

1000 Blessing's Friday

326. My daughter had quite a scare and was told she could possibly have a tumor in her head or Meniere's disease. She had an MRI done and it showed it was neither of those. There is something wrong and we will find out on the 11th. But for now I am thankful for the good news!

327. My son ran away from home a couple Sundays ago and moved in with his sister. I do see where he is learning that it was not the wisest choice to make and he is dealing with the consequences. It's hard watching your child turn from God. I am placing my child completely in His arms and know that His plan is best. Please do pray for my son. He is very naive and a follower. He just wants to fit in somewhere. He does have a heart for people, but right now his heart is completely self focused.

328. It's always a blessing when money comes in to the shop! A new customer just showed up and wants all kinds of things done to his Mustang and he put down a deposit. Just when the bank account was very, very dry! God is good and I see His miracles all the time!

329. Blessed with new friends on Twitter! I love getting to know people! Do you Twitter?

330. I was part of a blessing for someone else this week and it sure feels good! My best friend's daughter has started dating a young man with a rough background. He wants to be in church and is open to the teaching. All of the sudden he quit wanting to come to church. Come to find out he didn't have a Bible and had no money for one either.

My friend told me that she wanted to buy him one, but money was also tight for her as well. She wanted to get him a parallel Bible because he does have some reading difficulties.

It just so happens that my mom gave me a nice parallel Bible a month ago with the NIV version and the Message. It is a beautiful brown and blue leather bound Bible. Very masculine looking. I immediately sent Bridget out to my car to go get it. It was still in the box! She said it was perfect.

She asked me how much I wanted for it. I said, "NOTHING!" I had been saving the Bible back for just the right person. And he was it!

Bridget emailed me and told me she gave him the Bible. He asked where she got it from that he wanted to pay her back somehow. She told him it came from Jesus and it was his for the keeping. I guess he smiled and even smelled it and held it with pride.aid, "Yes, it did come from Jesus because He loves me."

Is that not sweet? Please pray for this young man. He's 18 and his name is Shannen. He has been tossed around from family to family and has nothing. Well, except his Bible. And it has ALL the answers!

Wordless Wednesday

I saw this car at our local library the other day and just couldn't believe it. To me, this is not funny. This person needs help. I can't imagine getting in a car completely filled with trash. This made me very sad.