Tuesday Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Should Be Doing, But I'm Not

1. Leaving comments when I visit you. I have been very, very bad lately. How do you know if I've stopped by if I don't say hi?

2. Getting my year end tax stuff done. Yeah, this is worse than not leaving comments. I have deadlines to meet and I'm not doing so well. Gotta focus.

3. Taking pictures. I got a really nice little camera for Christmas and have yet to learn how to work it. I was so excited when I got it because I realized I could actually start putting pics on my blog. Yes, I am ashamed.

4. Keeping up with the laundry. If I don't get a load done every night then it tends to pile up quickly. When I work from nine in the morning until eight or so at night I'm too pooped to think about it.

5. I really want and need to e-mail some friends. I have made a new friend that also has arthritis and she enjoys having someone to vent too that understands her pain and frustrations. It's been a couple of months since I wrote her and that's just too long. I also have another dear friend that's been going through some rough times and I haven't been encouraging her like I want to. I let my own family trials get in the way of helping others.

6. Oh my do I have stacks and stacks of papers to file for our business! I despise filing. Enough said!

7. Cleaning out the fridge. I went to get some spaghetti sauce last night in the fridge that I thought was still fresh. Boy was I mistaken! I am not looking forward to that job. Weak stomach have I.

8. Putting away the Christmas stuff. Yeah, it's generally all together, but I need to actually organize it and have someone take it back down to the basement. Why do I get so lazy?

9. I should be spending less time on Facebook. Yikes, I can't believe I wrote that! I love me some Facebook.

10. Drinking more water instead of my NOS or other sodas even if they are diet. One good thing is I've given up McDonald's sweet tea. Do you have any idea how hard that was? But I did it!

1000 Blessing Friday's

311. We started the Bible study Changed Into His Image last Sunday night! I think the most important thing I learned that night was it's easy to look at the person next to you and hope they are listening to what is being taught and then realizing that what the pastor says is really for ME. I had to take a step back and ask myself why I do some of the things I do. Is it really to please God and glorify Him or is it to keep peace in the family because I don't like dealing with conflict? This series is going to be great!

312. I know some of you are colder than we are here in Indiana at -19 degrees. And no, that's not the wind chill temp! But as I sat in my nice warm house and turned up the heat to 71 degrees I couldn't help but think of all the homeless people out in this weather. Where I live I don't see anyone on the streets or asking for money so I admit I don't always think of those that are without shelter. I want to see what I can do to help.

313. Willpower. I know that might sound crazy, but it's true. Not that I can resist everything, but I am getting better at wanting to eat when I'm not even hungry and that feels like an accomplishment!

314. Achy bones. I won't say I am blessed because I hurt, but because of the severe drop in temperature I have hurt more which means I am slower in the mornings which means we don't get to work too early anymore which means I am not at the shop for twelve hours a day! Now don't get me wrong. I don't mind working. But it's nice to be able to take some work home and do it there in my pajamas! Oh how I wish we could have pajama day at work. LOL

315. Laughter. To me laughing is really a blessing. I can laugh at myself. I laugh at people on American Idol (probably when I shouldn't, but I do). I laugh a lot at my bulldog! My kids and husband like to dance goofy for me just so I will laugh. Even on days when I hurt terribly it's nice to be able to laugh and know that tomorrow will probably be better. And if not, I pull out my old Peanuts comic books from when I was a kid!

How have you been blessed this week?

Wordless Wednesday

Poor girl was shivering on the ride to work this morning. Spoiled dog!

My Precious!

If you know me at all you know how much I love to drink NOS! I'm really not into energy drinks and such but I love the taste of this one. When we went to the SEMA show a few years back they were giving free samples. Uh, hello? FREE? I was hooked.

I admit I don't like to share my precious NOS with anyone but my husband. Call me Gollum if you like.

I was determined to make it my New Year's Resolution to treat myself to this delicious nectar only on special days. Like a birthday, an anniversary, my son's birthday, or if the sky was blue! Yeah, only on those special days.

My husband, bless his generous heart, bought me two cases of the BIG bottles of NOS for Christmas! Yep, that's right. 24 of these beautiful blue and orange bottles are there to tempt me daily.

But I've been pretty good. I could easily chug one of these beauties at breakfast, lunch and dinner with my hands tied behind my back! I received this gift twenty one days ago and I am proud to say that I still have 16 bottles left. Trust me, this comes as a shock to even me!

I'm learning to say no thank you and be satisfied with my tasteless water. My head no longer spins and I have quit foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of my precious. There is hope!

I think I might even share a bottle or two. Okay, probably just one. But hey, at least that's a start!

For Today

Outside my window... it is trying it's hardest to snow. We're expecting 1 to 3 inches. But I'll believe it when I see it!

I am thinking... of the Miller family. Pete developed bacterial meningitis and his family had to make the decision whether to take him off life support or not. There was absolutely no brain activity and so they did. Pete passed away within an hour. We went to the calling and waited over 2 1/2 hours in line. This man was loved by all! He will be missed greatly.

I am thankful for... my father. It's been two years since he passed away, but I have been thinking of some wonderful times we had together and laughing about them. He and I had the same sense of humor!

From the kitchen...not much tonight because tomorrow night we are having my daughter's boyfriend over for the first time. Yikes! My hubby is making a delicious pasta he concocted himself, garlic bread with cheese, some kind of veggie and then....drum roll please....Chocolate Mousse Cake! And the people cheered!

I am creating... a mess when I work on the year end tax stuff for our business. Not fun!

I am going... to do a cartwheel when I am finished with all the taxes. No really, I am. At least in my head!

I am wearing... A gorgeous blue long sleeve top with only one stain on it that I have no idea what it is, a slightly faded pair of jeans, and yep...brand new tenny bops! Except they are hurting my toes. Sigh.

I am hoping... that we don't get the snow, that I find a $20 bill in a coat pocket, that I can lose five pounds without feeling like I am starved all the time!

I am hearing... my husband laughing with the boys out in the shop. He's got a great laugh!

Around the house... well, it's been pretty quiet since we all got back into the swing of things. But sometimes quiet is good!

One of my favorite things... knowing how much I love my kids and husband. But knowing that God loves them even more than I do!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... we're doing the Bible study Changed Into His Image at church and I started last night. It's gonna be good folks! Just what I need right now.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Wensley heard daddy take out the bath mat in the tub so she knew that sound meant bath time! She went and hid on his side of the bed. She thought if she couldn't see dad then surely he couldn't see her. Wrong! She smells much better now!

A Fresh Start

I miss blogging. I miss you. Yes, you! I think and pray for so many of you. You have not been forgotten.

It may take awhile to get back in the groove of things, but this is what I would like to accomplish in 2009.

1. Read the Bible daily instead of waiting to study it when I am facing trials. By hiding God's word in my heart on a daily basis will make even the smallest of challenges not so overwhelming.

2. Lose five pounds. Yes, I need to lose a lot more than that I know. Losing weight is hard, but I know it can be done! And so I don't get discouraged I like to set small goals in the beginning. After I lose the five then I will set it for ten pounds. Pray for me please!

3. I want to be a better communicator with my husband and children. I've always been the listener. I used to think that was a good thing. It's not bad, but I can see now that I should have worked more on expressing myself and learning to work on conflicts together.

4. Managing our money. Owning your own business can be very difficult when it comes to cash flow! Instead of learning how to manage the money I've learned how to juggle it. There's a big difference. God keeps our doors open and I want to make sure I am using His money in a way that is pleasing to Him.

5. I also want to be open to God's calling. I am one that does not like change. But how can I grow in Him if I am not willing to do as He asks? I know He will give me the strength and the resources to do what I am called. I shouldn't look at it as a scary thing, but an opportunity to grow and be more like Christ!

What is something on your to do list for 2009? Let's pray for each other to achieve our goals!