A Fresh Start

I miss blogging. I miss you. Yes, you! I think and pray for so many of you. You have not been forgotten.

It may take awhile to get back in the groove of things, but this is what I would like to accomplish in 2009.

1. Read the Bible daily instead of waiting to study it when I am facing trials. By hiding God's word in my heart on a daily basis will make even the smallest of challenges not so overwhelming.

2. Lose five pounds. Yes, I need to lose a lot more than that I know. Losing weight is hard, but I know it can be done! And so I don't get discouraged I like to set small goals in the beginning. After I lose the five then I will set it for ten pounds. Pray for me please!

3. I want to be a better communicator with my husband and children. I've always been the listener. I used to think that was a good thing. It's not bad, but I can see now that I should have worked more on expressing myself and learning to work on conflicts together.

4. Managing our money. Owning your own business can be very difficult when it comes to cash flow! Instead of learning how to manage the money I've learned how to juggle it. There's a big difference. God keeps our doors open and I want to make sure I am using His money in a way that is pleasing to Him.

5. I also want to be open to God's calling. I am one that does not like change. But how can I grow in Him if I am not willing to do as He asks? I know He will give me the strength and the resources to do what I am called. I shouldn't look at it as a scary thing, but an opportunity to grow and be more like Christ!

What is something on your to do list for 2009? Let's pray for each other to achieve our goals!


Faith said...

Yeah...you're blogging again!
On my list of goals:
to lose 5 lbs and firm up my abdominal muscles.
to try Christian yoga
to communicate better with my mate
to be more consistent with my devotional time of study with my 2 daughters....we are in process of choosing 2 nites a week and we plan on sticking to it!
to grow ever closer to my Redeemer!

Kailani said...

Who me? You miss me? *blushing*

I hope you starting blogging again soon. I miss your positive outlook on life!

An Island Life

Christine said...

Wow--- I would love to do all of those things too! What awesome plans you have for 2009.

Kimmy said...

I love your goals. And I'm glad that you're planning to do more blogging. I miss you.