Send In The Clowns ~ Not!!

Okay, so my last post mentioned a few things that freak me out such as balloons and clowns. I had a few comments asking me what's up with that. It is not a terribly exciting story, but mine none the less. Hold on to your seats!

When I was around eight years old I started having this reoccurring dream. I have dreamt it clear into adulthood. I guess I shouldn't call it a dream though, but a nightmare.

It is the dead of winter. The fresh fallen snow had no signs of kids playing or sledding. I have to go to bed early if I want to play outside the next morning my mother tells me.

She wakes me up from a deep sleep and wraps me up in my favorite blanket. I also grab Snuggles, my baby doll. She isn't feeling well and needs some medicine from the local pharmacy. We drive down to Hook's Drug store which was about four miles down the road.

The car was barely warmed up at this point, but mom let me stay inside the car while it was running. Yes, I know. Remember this is only a dream!

My mom was taking forever and I was getting scared. I opened up the car door and stepped into the freezing snow. She had parked right by a drainage ditch. I heard a tiny little noise and thought maybe it was a kitten. I went over to see what it was and there was a long, fat, yellow snake with white polka dots and a face that looked like a clown. An evil clown.

The snake latched on to my blanket while I was trying to get away. He was strong. But I was stronger! He did bite me on my arm, but I managed to get away and I was able to get inside the store and find mom. When she went to check it out he had slithered away.

It's been awhile, but I have had this same dream so many times and it is exactly the same every time. Creepy.

And that my friends is why I don't care for clowns.


Sandy said...

WOW Amy that is creepy. Dreams are SO weird. That is such a bizarre dream, and that is exactly how they can be sometimes, bizarre! And why do you keep having that same dream??? I wish I could answer that one for you. :)

Kimmie said...

That WAS an evil dream...and the fact that it reoccured is even worse.

Sounds to me like the devil is trying to keep you bound...the part about going to see if it was a kitten and finding an evil reminds me how God sends us 'out' and along the way we encounter 'evil' and become fearful...which is just what satan then he can keep us bound in fear. With the fear we lose the ability to fully trust God (shown as your parent who is temporarily missing). Sometimes fear gets planted so deep that it really does control us.

Ask God what He was trying to show you in this...I do believe He sometimes speaks to us in our dreams. Of course it takes discernment to know which were God and which were the pizza.

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Kailani said...

A clown snake? Oh my!