10 on Tuesday & A Meme of Fives

10 Things That Scare You/Freak You Out

In no particular order...

1. Balloons

2. Clowns

3. Wobbly ladders

4. Bouncing a check when you thought for sure you had enough money!

5. Realizing that your youngest is almost 18. No more babies. Sigh.

6. Getting prepped for surgery. I'm scared of having to be poked a zillion times for an iv.

7. I freak out when my NOS is all gone. :o)

8. Ice - I am scared I will fall and break my new bionicness

9. Accidentally burping or doing something worse in public kinda freaks me out. And others too!

10. Michael Jackson's mug shot. So scary I won't even post it for you!

A Meme of Fives

5 Things Under $5.00 I Can't Live Without

1. My bathing scrub brush I get from the Dollar Tree. You can't beat a buck!

2. Suave body wash. Only .96 from Wal-mart.

3. Chapstick - preferably cherry

4. Sugarless chewing gum - any flavor will do please

5. A funky pen with blue ink

5 Favorite Movies

1. Jesus of Nazareth

2. Lonesome Dove

3. While You Were Sleeping

4. Lord of the Rings - Part 2

5. Rocket Man

5 Baby Names I Love

Boys ~ David, Michael, Preston, Jonathon, & Jordan

Girls ~ Kayla, Jennifer, Katie, Michelle and Rose

5 Songs I Love

1. I Stand In Awe by Terry and Barb Franklin

2. This World Is Not My Home

3. As The Deer

4. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

5. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

5 Life Changing Moments

1. Asking Christ to be my Savior when I was eight years old. The greatest moment of my life!

2. Being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at 10 years old.

3. Saying "YES!" to David on December 4, 1983!!

4. Answering that anticipated phone call the end of February 1994 and hearing all about our future daughters that moved in two weeks later!!

5. My father passing away on January 11, 2007

5 Current Obsessions

1. McDonald's sweet tea - it's too delicious!

2. NOS Energy drink - so bad yet SO good!

3. Boneless wings Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings - only .50 each and they are huge. I eat like 4 and I am stuffed.

4. FaceBook ~ I'm doing more of this than blogging

5. My precious bulldog, Wensleydale! She provides much joy and a whole lot of laughter each and every day. There will never be another like her.

5 Places I Want to go to

1. I want to go back to Switzerland with my husband!

2. I would love to go to Krueger National Park in South Africa on a safari.

3. I want to go see Donny & Marie in concert. ;o)

4. I want to get in an RV and travel anywhere with my husband. And my dog!

5. I want to come and visit all of you!

5 Appliances/kitchen tools I can't live without

1. Toaster ~ to heat up my Toaster Strudel for breakfast. Yummy!

2. Microwave ~ some nights I eat a bag of popcorn for dinner. Even yummier!

3. Freezer ~ to keep my TV dinners and ice cream frozen

4. Refrigerator ~ to keep my sodas icy cold and my chocolate pudding just the right temp!

5. My husband ~ he usually does most of the cooking because he helps me eat healthier! Actually I am just teasing about the previous comments. Just trying to be funny!


Faith said...

SO funny to read this because guess what I'm drinking as I'm reading blogs this afternoon???
Yup, McD's Sweet Tea....YUMMY!!!
Enjoyed getting to know even more of you!

Kailani said...

You're just like my sister. She's always been afraid of clowns, too.

An Island Life

Michelle said...

so is there a story behind the balloons and clowns?! :)

I love some sweet tea! Also Joe and I want to own and RV and travel all over the states...of course he wants one of those huge bus RVs that you need a second mortgage on!

amy said...

I love getting to know you..I love your fave movies!!

YOu rock!

Lots of my patients are afraid of clowns

amy said...

hey there, thanks for wanting to help the cause. I checked and it did not go through. you may want to refresh your page or reload IE or firefox

you rock

Kimmy said...

Amy: What exactly is McD's sweet tea? I don't think we have that in Canada . . . unless our ice tea is what you're talking about. Canadian ice tea is always sweet (unless you purposely leave out the sugar, in which case everyone would think you were a little "off" up here in the great white north).
I really enjoyed this meem. I'm contemplating doing it myself, but I'm not sure if my brain can think up as many answers that are necessary for each question.
Hope you have a great day!

Kimmie said...

Hi Amy;

As a former clown (to the Children's hospital), I will try not to be too sad..

;-) I've given up my clowning ways to mother the masses ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Marina said...

I have the same fears about surgery but mine is not the poking with needles mine is coming out form the surgery I always stay a sleep for a really longer tiem "(, marina