What Happen In Vegas Stays In Vegas ~ But Not This Time!

I am finally home from Vegas and boy am I happy to be here! We went out for a convention and that part of it went well, but the rest of the trip was crazy!

I don't know how many of you have ever been or even care to. Since we're not gamblers or partiers there isn't a whole lot for us to do anymore. We've been to Vegas so many times we've seen all the free stuff over and over. It gets old after a while!

We stayed at a cheap little hotel off the strip that was nice and quiet and had a quaint little restaurant on the property. I had just told my husband the night before how pleasant this place was. No riff raff of any sort.

My husband and I got back to the hotel one night at one in the morning. We had gone out for a nice dinner and then to Circus Circus to play the carnival games and win some stuffed animals for our dog! Then we went shopping for souvenirs for the kids.

We had just climbed into bed when we heard dogs barking and a man shouting in a megaphone. He kept saying, "Back away from the door! Back away from the door!" My husband and I didn't know if someone had there tv on way too loud or what. So he got dressed and opened the door only to hear a really, really loud B.O.O.M.

I thought a bomb had gone off! I was scared and hid under the covers. Like that was going to do me any good! The S.W.A.T. team had to blow open some guys hotel door because he wouldn't come out.

I still don't know why the guy was arrested because the hotel management wasn't allowed to tell us.

I kept waiting for the guy from C.S.I. to show up, but he never did. LOL

Let's just say I am happy to be back in boring old Crawfordsville. The place where everybody is related to each other somehow!


Kimmy said...

Sounds like an adventure. I would have been waiting for CSI to arrive as well.

Michelle said...

wow how scary that must have been to have a SWAT team right there in the hotel hallway!! Glad you made it back home safely!

Faith said...

WOW... that's kinda scary.
I have never had a desire to travel to Las Vegas...but..I sure wouldn't mind meeting the CSI guy (grissom...I love that guy!) Glad you're back...i'm just checking out a couple of fave blogs today before doing more housework!

Kailani said...

Boy, I would have been freaking out! I bet you won't stay there anymore, huh? :-)