What Makes Me Smile?

First and foremost knowing that I have a Savior who loved me enough to die for me so that I may have eternal life!

I found a couple of new blogs to read and they just touch the very center of my heart.

Smiles & Trials I just love this family! You need to read from beginning to end about all of their wonderful children. I promise it will be worth the time!

My Charming Kids This woman takes the most gor-ja-mous photos I have ever seen! She's a lot of fun too! Again, I would read from beginning to end!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!


Faith said...

Thanks for the new blogs! hope to talk to you soon!

Christine said...

Amy, you are too sweet. Thanks for the words of encouragement--- everybody can use them from time to time. Blessings, btw, I really appreciated your last comment about Dennis. Thanks.

Oh, and I am really bad about reading up on blogs, so if I add them to my blogroll I can gurantee that I will stop in more often. Hope it is okay. :)