Whew, What A Week!

I've got that sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy head, fever, but I can't rest feeling. Sigh!

In other news, I want to brag on my husband a little bit. This is the 45th anniversary of the Mustang. The editor of Mustang Monthly did an article of the 45 most significant Mustangs of ALL time. My husband, David, made the list!

Oh yes, he did! Uh huh!! I doubt many of you buy Mustang Monthly, but if your husband does the article is in the April issue on page 34!! What's cool too is the gentleman that wrote the article has seen thousands upon thousands of Mustangs during his career. So to make it in the top 45 is quite an accomplishment!

My husband and I both give the praise to God for we know that we can do nothing without Him!

This is not the April issue, but this is my hubby on the cover with the car that made the top 45!


Faith said...

I'll be praying for you to feel better soon!

amy said...

hope youo feel better soon, so glad you get to brag on your husband

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Fun stuff! Congrats.

Kimmy said...

Wow, what an honour!!!
Hey, just a comment about your blog--because I'm not able to visit you everyday, I often don't know what day (or date) you wrote your posts on. Are you intentionally keeping the posts date-less? Just wondering.
(I usually check the dates people leave comments in order to get an idea of when the post was written).
What did you think of American Idol last night? I think Lil really needs to go. In my personal opinion, she butchered that Celine Dion song; Celine Dion is one of my favorite singers and I don't think Lil did the song justice AT all. Have a great day! Hopefully we'll be seeing Danny to the end, eh?

G Wray said...

Hope you get better and congrats to the husband