Praying For Stellan

UPDATE: This precious baby was flown to Boston to the Children's Hospital. Please keep praying he gets the care he needs. He's been in the hospital for almost a month I believe. While our lives continue theirs has stopped in a sense. Please take a moment or two to visit McMamma's blog and get to know them. This little guy is famous all around the world! Cool things are happening. God is using Stellan in mighty ways!

Prayers for Stellan

This little one needs our prayers! Please visit this mom and read her story. She has hundreds and hundreds of readers. And she is an amazing photographer! Please take some time to get to know them and pray for this little guy. Thanks!


Kimmy said...

I will . . . thanks for the link.

amy said...

ive been following the blog too and I will be praying as well

Sandy said...

Been praying for the sweet little guy also! Thanks for your comment on my made me laugh. :)