1000 Blessing's Friday



316. My mammogram came back free and clear! I admit I didn't want to go. I'm 44 and should have done this years ago. My husband has begged me to go all this time and if anything I should have gone because he asked me to. But it's all good now!

317. I've been able to reconnect with some very old friends on Facebook! I definitely spend too much time on there, but it is SO nice to get reacquainted!!

318. I got my hair cut last night and for once I really, really like it! It is going to be easy to do in the mornings which is great because my fingers are pretty stiff then. I've never had a haircut where I can wash it and dry it and go. Until now!

319. My back is getting stronger all the time. I've been able to really help this week in the kitchen, doing laundry and even took a long shower without using my seat! Much progress! Taking it one day at a time baby.

320. My husband has been very sweet all week and sending me texts of why he loves me! It's been a rough few years for he and I. The trials aren't over yet, but we're making changes and working at it! We'll be married 25 years this year. Wow!

How have you been blessed this week?

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Faith said...

love this list! I've been blessed to finally have the correct medicine to clear up this annoying UTI!!!

AND...blessed to have a husband who does well so I only have to work part time.
And blessed to finally be on Winter Break! whoo hoo...more time for FB the next 8 days! lol