Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things About Me That Start With The Letter "L"

1. Loves of my life -
First, my Savior. Second, my husband David. Third, list making! I take the first two very seriously though.

2. Laughing -
I'm glad I can laugh at myself, but it's good to be able to learn something too!

3. Listening to my husband sing -
My husband has an amazing talent and I'm glad he has chosen to use it again for the Lord. He is singing I Stand In Awe by Chris Rice this Sunday. It gives me goosebumps every time!

4. Licking the mix out of the bowl -
sometimes I would rather eat the leftover cookie dough or lick the cake batter than enjoy the end result!

5. Lemonade -
pink, preferably please! Since I quit drinking NOS energy drink I've switched to this. And water! Can't forget that.

6. Leftovers -
they don't bother me a bit and sometimes I like them better than when it was first made. Especially soups!

7. Letters -
you remember the hand written kind? I love to get one in the mail and hold it in my hands and read it over and over. I cherish them and hold on to them forever!

8. Lazy days -
I haven't had one of these in SOOOOO long. I want and I think need a day where I can lounge around for most of the day and do things like read a book or play a game with the family or just lay in bed curled up with my husband and dream of our future. Sounds good to me!

9. Leaves -
when they begin to change in the fall! Oh my, do we have some beautiful trees here that I look forward to watching change!

10. Loraine -
that's my moms name. Since my dad died two years ago she has aged 15 years herself. Her personality has changed, she has become demanding, she is different. My brother and I are going to have to make some tough decisions in the near future. Please pray for us that we do His will, not ours.

11. Limping -
I am quite bionic with my replaced knees and new hips, but I still limp quite a bit. And that's okay. It used to bother me to get called names like Hop-along or crip, but now I embrace it. I've come a long way and am doing so well now. God is good, without Him I can't imagine what my life would be like.

12. Long lost friends -
It's been great re-connecting with old class mates and friends from church through Facebook! I love my friends! No matter how far apart we are they are forever in my heart!

13. The Love Dare -
I just watched Fireproof on Friday and am waiting to get my book, but have started already. I love this! Good stuff. My husband really enjoyed it too. It hit home with us for sure.

I Stand In Awe

I long to leave this world behind me
With its hatred, pain and fear
When I’m reminded of my journey
That I’m just a pilgrim here
Then my eyes begin to fill with tears

That’s when I think about eternity
And a place I’ve never seen
I wonder how it’s gonna be
and I’m caught up in a dream
Where I find myself at Jesus’ feet

I stand in awe of one so Holy
I stand amazed before His majesty
And soon I find myself no longer standing
But bowing down in His glory
Knowing I’m unworthy
Until His hand of mercy
Raises me again to stand in awe

Someday my dream will be reality
When He finally takes us home
From every nation, tribe and family
He will come to claim His own
And we’ll find ourselves before His throne

We’ll stand in awe of one so Holy
We’ll stand amazed before His Majesty
And soon we’ll find ourselves no longer standing
But bowing down in His glory
Knowing we’re unworthy
Until His hand of mercy
Raises us again to stand in awe


Faith said...

a great list! I too love to lick the mix! lol...and I absolutely love the song you listed...such awesome lyrics. Have a great day!

Sandy @Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Oh Amy this list is so you! Glad to hear that your husband is singing for the Lord. :)
And Amen to licking the cookie dough bowl!
Hope all is well....stopped in to say Hi!

Anonymous said...

I so love those lyrics, but can never seem to find who wrote/performed the song. Any idea??
The only searches I end up with are this and anouther blog.
Thanks for the info. Would like to locate for performance.

Phil Hoover said...

What an amazing song!