For Today

I always like to read Faith's list each week so I said to myself, "Amy, why don't you do this one too?" I like to talk to myself. Except when I get in an argument. Nobody ever seems to win! LOL

Outside My Window...I can see three young men hard at work on the cars. And one of the cars is blue. And blue makes me smile!

I am thinking...that blue sure is a beautiful color for that Mustang and I can't wait to see it hit the road!

I am thankful many things! Right now I am thankful that my hands and wrists are no longer hurting today. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this right now!

From the kitchen...Chicken Noodle soup. My poor husband has a terrible cold. But it will be homemade soup made with love. Maybe that will make him feel better!

I am wearing...A red cotton top with a pair of jeans that keep sliding down and my favorite tenny bops! Maybe I should wore a belt too! I do look pretty cute though....haha!

I am creating...a rather large mess right now! I have two month's worth of papers and receipts to file and log into the computer. Can you tell I might be a tad bit behind?

I am not get stressed about it and do what I can. If I do my best then that will please God!

I am reading...the book of James. I don't have much time to read books so when I do I read my Bible. I have so much to learn and the more I read it the better I handle everyday life! Funny how that works, huh?

I am hoping...and praying that my husband's cold doesn't get any worse and is nipped in the bud soon!

I am hearing...the birds singing joyfully while the guys are grinding on cars. I think I like the birds better!

Around the son has been cleaning our gutters again since the storms. And sawing up the beautiful trees that fell during those storms.

One of my favorite things...watching people. I especially love to see older couples walking hand in hand and looking all googly eyed at each other!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Finish filing papers, donate items around the house to my friend's yard sale, go to the doctor tomorrow about my shoulder problem, and take care of my husband until he is well!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is my hubby feeding my friend at The Binder Park Zoo in Michigan!

Yes, I like this one very much! Why not join in on the fun? Check out The Simple Woman and add your name to the list. That is, after you've answered the meme!!

Stay tuned because tomorrow I will answer every one's ? of why I changed blogs! It will be an exciting post for all, I am sure. NOT! But at least stop by and say ~ Hey! Pretty please?


Faith said...

Hi Amy:
Well, the beef is now in my crockpot because a huge rainstorm ripped through about 2 hours ago and it didn't look like it was gonna clear up. SO...I stuck the thawed out beef in pot, added soy sauce and water and its cooking on high...i'll just serve the pineapple on the side! and have the peppers and zucchini as a little stir fry with the orzo.....gotta be flexible!
Enjoy your day! Glad you are joining in with Simple Woman.

MyThreeDaughters said...

I will be interested in that because I am thinking of doing the same.

So close to the giraffes! I have a giraffe pick from around Easter and I thought they were close!