Fun Monday

Lisa is the hostess for this week's Fun Monday! She's asking us to tattle on ourselves and let you know what makes us quirky. I call this normal however!

1. I need to have everything in alphabetical order. My canned goods, my dvds and cds, etc. I am doing better at this though because when I mention several friends names on a post I'm learning to just type a name and not fret that it's not in the right order!

2. I want my hot food hot and my cold food cold please. None of this luke warm stuff! And my drinks have to have a ton of ice...crushed please.

3. I hate to tuck in my shirts. Even when I was a thin girl I didn't so it has nothing to do with the fact that I am fluffy.

4. For some reason I have started sleeping with the tv on all night. And I have to hold the remote. I think it all began when I was not feeling well last year and would be up all hours of the night. But I can't seem to break the habit.

5. I have an obsession with Little Debbie's. My favorite since childhood has been the oatmeal creme pies. Not only are they always fresh, but they are so cheap. And ever so yummy! I'd rather have Little Debbie's brand than Hostess anything. My family says this is weird.

6. I have to change my toothbrush at least once a month. Does anyone else think it is gross how we brush all this nasty stuff off our teeth and then just rinse the brush and hang it back up? I rinse my brush off in scalding hot water. Oh yeah, and my brush has to be blue. Always!!!

7. I tried a dog biscuit one time. I just wondered why my dog loves 'em so much. Still not sure why she begs for them. Nasty!

8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to pull teeth. I guess I should have been a dentist. When any kid shows me a loose tooth I ask if I can pull it. And believe it or not several of them have let me! I so love the crackling sound when it comes out. Mwahhh!

9. I embarrass my kids all the time at the grocery store because if I see someone looking for something I ask them what they are trying to find. Then I help them find it. I like looking for things!

10. My poor kids. Because I love the color blue so much I've noticed I always made them wear blue in all their school pictures! I've never noticed that until now. It makes me happy though!

Okay, that wasn't so bad. Nothing too revealing! Have a great Monday y'all!


De said...

ok, if you lived closer, I would keep you supplied with Little Debbies! Believe me, when you have a L.D. truck in your drive way every day it is easy to get sick of them and want a REAL twinkie. (Don't tell my hubby!)

SwampAngel65 said...

Wow, there are so many folks out there with odd little food quirks! I love Little Debbies, but mainly because I am frugal and they are cheap, hehehehe. I soak my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide once a week to clean it, then replace it about every 3 months or so. Have a great week :)

lisaschaos said...

You're not so weird. :) Or maybe I'm even more so. I see myself in some of those. :)

At least your first five I was sitting nodding at going yep, that's me. :) I have gotten better about the alphabetical thing though. :)

Heather said...

I replace my toothbrush every two months, though by the end I just can't wait to get the new one. My husband waits until he goes to the dentist every six months and it drives me crazy!

Alison said...

those are great...and being a dental hygienist I love your toothbrush quirk!!!

Molly said...

Hello this is my first visit to your blog. The Oatmeal Creme Little Debbies were comfort food for my oldest son. I think that they have curative powers.

Randy and Kim said...

If I'd let hubby do it, he'd have my pantry in ABC order. Of course, he's retired military.

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Jeanna said...

Dog biscuits aren't so bad, but I can't vouch for the ice cream, blech, like frozen liver, bone, and sugar.
I had an Uncle that liked to pull teeth.

Kailani said...

With my kids running around all day, my food comes only in one temperature - room temperature! Even my soups and saimin! LOL!


Pamela said...

If I can't get to the store I put my toothbrush in the dishwasher!