Adopt Me, Please?

Uh oh. I can't. I fell in love with this little face this morning. I cannot stop thinking about her. Or him. I didn't even bother to see I fell that fast!

I went to our local animal shelter this morning to drop off some donations and the puppies were all outside playing. My dog was with me and when she saw the other puppies she jumped up front and start crying to get out. She loves to play with other animals!

But this little puppy above just sat at the gate looking at me. Didn't bark. Listened while I talked my "doggy" talk. Wagged it's tail a lot. Precious as can be!

I'm hooked, but I know I cannot have another dog right now. This is what happens every time I go to the shelter.

Have you ever adopted a pet from the shelter? How did it work out? Would you do it again?

Gotta go and see if I can't talk one of my close friends into adopting this darling dog!


Anonymous said...

We've adopted at least two cats from our local shelter (by "we" I mean my father and I growing up) and love them to pieces. Coincidentally my husband's family have gotten a couple dogs from the same shelter and they are also wonderful. I know a few other families who have had similar luck with this shelter. Terrific well mannered Amazing pets. I hope to get our first family dog from the same shelter.

Goofy Girl said...

My doggie growing up was from a shelter and she was a great pup. She just wasn't trained very well and got into things. ;)

Faith said...

Hi Amy!
He (or she) is just adorable. But...can't have pets here as a couple of us have allergies. My sister volunteers in her local animal shelter once a week though and loves it and she has adopted a dog from there.

Christine said...

Amy, I can just see why you find this tiny pup irresistable. He's so cute! You just want to pick him right up! And I bet, he'd give you the best puppy kisses.

We haven't adopted from the pound, but we've visited one before. And if we were in the place to get another dog, I would adopt one. :)

Faith said...

Hey Amy, I lost your email! Could you email me so I can tell ya about part of an answer to prayer that you were praying about for me?? Thanks

Sully said...

I have adopted from a shelter. The shelter had their dogs at the Petsmart in my area for all to see. I stopped by and petted all of the doggies. Then I left. This one dog, Brody, had caught my attention, but I wasn't looking for a dog at the time. I ended up going back that day to get him. I knew in my heart that he was meant to be mine-he is my doggie soul mate. No regrets.