For Today

Outside my window...I am blessed with yet another gorgeous day. Perfect. Just perfect.

I am thinking...about my nephew, Travis. He is in Korea studying abroad and I just had the chance to chat with him through Facebook!

I am thankful for...the time I was able to spend with my husband last night! We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Meijer. Then we had a fantastic meal at Texas Roadhouse!

From the kitchen...well, tonight it will be my leftovers from Texas Roadhouse. I still have my baked beans, my loaded baked potato, a roll and most of my steak leftover. I got too full munching on the peanuts last night!

I am creating...hmmm, well, I am getting some goodies together for a bloggy swap. Does that count?

I am the Dancing with the Stars tonight!

I am wearing...a grungy, light blue t-shirt and some very baggy jeans. I am PMS-ing it today and didn't feel like wearing a nice t-shirt. LOL!

I am reading...actually I am memorizing verses from the Start Zone in Awana. All the leaders have to memorize them along with the kids. I've only got one left to learn!

I am get a chance to email a lot of my blogging friends and catch up!

I am hearing...Meatloaf singing on the radio. Can't wait for a different song. Oh, now it's Queen singing Bicycle.

Around the house...lots of excitement. My son got his driver's license so he is wanting to do all my errands for me now. He will even go to Wal-mart and buy my personal products! Not that is a boy wanting to drive for sure, huh?

One of my favorite things...Playing Tetris on Facebook! Any challengers?

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Dancing with the Stars, Awana on Wednesday!, the vice-presidential debate on Thursday, and maybe a date with my hubby on Friday!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Christine hosts a swap every fall and I joined in again this year! You still have until October 3rd to sign up. And if you decide to join in would you please let her know I sent you? Whoever has the most referrals gets an added treat from our beautiful hostess herself! You only have to spend between $8 and $10, not including shipping. Here are some questions she's asked so we can get to know each other a bit better:

What do you like best about Fall? I love to see the leaves change colors right before my eyes!

Do you have any family traditions for this time of year? We have a covered bridge festival that starts in a couple of weeks that we always go to. Lots of good food and stuff to buy!

What’s your favorite Halloween chocolate? I'm not too picky as long as it doesn't have coconut in it!

Is there any Halloween treat you do not like? Whoever invented Candy Corn should have to eat only that for the rest of their lives. LOL!

What has been the best Halloween costume you’ve ever dressed up in? I always went for the easy costumes like a ghost, a clown or a cheerleader. I was only in it for the candy!


Faith said...

Enjoyed your daybook entry.
Hurray for your son....a drivers license!!
My daughter is counting the months!!
Enjoy the week.

Laurie said...

How nice to have someone to run your errands! Can't wait for my oldest to do that - actually, I think it's more that I can't wait to not be her chauffer anymore. And how nice you got some time alone with your hubby. Hope you get another date night night on Friday! Thanks for sharing your daybook.


AllyJo said...

We just went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time two weeks ago and I got a chicken fried steak big enough for 4 people. LOL It was very good.