Thursday Thirteen #10

And Here We Go Again~Thirteen More Things About Me That Begin With The Letter "J"!

1. Jesus ~ My Heavenly Father. I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior when I was eight years old.

2. James ~ My earthly father. Dad passed away January 11, 2007. I was and will forever be a daddy's girl!

3. Jordan ~ My 17 year old son. He is a senior this year! Where did my time go with my baby?

4. Juice ~ Grape juice is my favorite. I wish our communion cups were a little bit bigger. Okay, I know that communion is not to quench my thirst! I'm just thankful they don't put prune juice in there!!

5. Jelly Beans ~ Never cared for them until I had Jelly Belly's! Can you say yummers? I like about all of them but the buttered popcorn and anything coconut flavored. Can you say yucky?

6. Journey ~ Now who here doesn't like Journey? I do miss Steve Perry though, but the new guy is pretty good I have to admit!

7. Jennifer ~ No, I don't have a daughter named Jennifer. But it is one of my favorite girl names. Maybe a grand daughter someday though!

8. Josh Groban ~ Yum, yum give me some! That's all I need to say.

9. Jon & Kate + 8 ~ I love, love, love this show so much! I get the giggles watching Kate because she can be so anal. But I think they are both wonderful parents. They have to have so much patience, don't they?

10. Joint replacements ~ I've had a few. Both my shoulders, both elbows, one hand, both hips and both knees! I am ever so thankful fir technology. Otherwise, I would be in a nursing home right now.

11. Jury duty ~ I have never been selected to serve on a jury and I am not sure I would want to either. Especially if it was for a case of murder or something evil. It's easy to sit at home and say someone is guilty, but to really have their life in your hands is another. Have you ever served on a jury?

12. Jack -O- Lantern ~ Why I am confessing this now is beyond me. I was a very innocent, sweet child. Really. But my friend, Mary Lou, wrote in her Peanuts comic book that she hated Amy Williams. I was so hurt and mad that I smashed her freshly carved jack-o-lantern all over her porch. I was around eight years old. I've never forgotten what a horrible thing that was for me to do. And no, I never told her it was me or apologized.

13. Jokes ~ I cannot tell a joke to save my life, but I am a wonderful audience when you tell them. Even if I've heard it a thousand times! If it's funny the first time, I find it just as funny the second time around!


Christine said...

Hi Amy,

We almost named Joshua, James!

It's not that I am busy, busy, I'm just trying not to be. I'm just trying to slow down a little bit, before everything passes me by.

I'm always glad to see you when you stop by.
Everyone is doing fine.

Big Hugs,

Faith said...

I disqualified my self from sitting on a jury...long story but soooo glad I did!
I had jury duty last april but the judge ended up sending us all home (it was town court in the evening and let me tell ya it was an easy $40.00!!). he sent us home after one hour during which we could read our novels because the lawyers never showed up!!! therefore, I am done for at least 5 years!
Oh...I like Journey and Josh, too!

Marina said...

these is good are you doing a meme?

did you ever get my email?

Michelle said...

I had to laugh about your comment on the communion cups! Sometimes I wish they were a bit bigger too :)

I just can't imagine an 8 yr old you smashing a pumpkin!