The Two Things Meme

Two Names You Go By:

1. Miss Amy ~ my girls at Awana call me this.

2. Mrs. Ahh The Lady ~ one of the strange names my husband calls me. There are many more!

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:

1. A new top I just bought off the clearance rack at Wally World. Nothing exciting, but it is blue. Imagine that! And I do look kinda cute in it...teehee!

2. Some new socky poos. And they are comfy my friend!

Two Of Your Favorite Things:

1. Pillows ~ can't get enough of them. I literally sleep with about 15 of various shapes and sizes.

2. Free Samples ~ nothing puts a smile on my face like a freebie!

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:

1. A watermelon all to myself. Yes, I could eat a whole one. It might take me all day, but I could.

2. A few minutes of peace and quiet. Pretty please?

Two Favorite Pets You Have Or Had:

1. Katie ~ a tiger striped kitty that was completely devoted to me. She insisted that I hold her like a baby and carry her around!

2. Wenselydale ~ our English bulldog. I have never loved a pet this much. She goes with us everywhere. Even on vacation. It's true!

Two People You Hope Will Fill This Out:

1. Marina

2. Kimmy

Two Things You Did Last Night:

1. I worked until 8 pm and then picked my son up from his new job at Papa John's.

2. I stayed awake most of the night crying. A friend, Mark, passed away this weekend. He was only 45 years old. His sister and I were best friends in high school. Mark was a sweet, sweet guy. Please pray for this dear family.

Two Things You Ate Last Night:

1. General Tsao's chicken and fried rice. Delicious!

2. A new Little Debbie snack - orange, cranberry muffin! Also delish!

Two People You Last Talked To:

1. My mommy ~ I talk to her several times throughout the day. She likes to know how I am feeling and wants to know what she can pray for!

2. Wensleydale ~ Hey, she's a people too! I asked her if she wanted a treat for going poo. She said, "Yes!"

Two Things You Are Doing Tomorrow:

1. Hopefully going to the movies with my husband to see Wall-E. It's BYOB (bring your own bucket) at the theatre. They fill it up for only $.50! And I can eat a lot of popcorn. I'll skip the Milk Duds this time though since I'm trying to cut back. And I'll bring a smaller bowl than my usual HUGE one.

2. More blogging! I love my Blogvillian friends!

Two of Farthest Trips Taken In The Last 5 Years:

1. Las Vegas to the SEMA convention for our business. I love it because I come home with duffel bags full of freebies! And I am smiling all the way home. :o)

2. California ~ unfortunately it was for a funeral of a close friend.

Two Favorite Holidays:

1. 4th of July ~ not only for all the good food, but because of the freedoms we are blessed with as a nation!

2. Mother’s Day ~ My husband and kids treat me like a queen. And I love it!

Two Favorite Beverages:

1. NOS Energy drink ~ because I love the flavor so much!

2. Sweet Tea ~ with lots and lots of ice!


Dianne said...

Those were fun to read, but I'm sorry about the deaths you mentioned. It's always fun catching up here with you!

Faith said...

Fun to read this and get to know you even more!
Sorry to hear about the death in your friends family.
Will try to do this meme is a bit busy but maybe a little later on....