1000 Friday Blessings


This has been one of those weeks where I have received many blessings, but friends close to me have had their world turned upside down. One friend in particular lost her husband to a fire last weekend. She not only lost her soul mate, but her home.

Her church has already gone into action and will have an extra offering to help with funeral costs. They are asking for giftcard donations right now and school clothes and supplies. Once she finds a new place they are going to help furnish it.

I cannot even begin to imagine what she must be going through, but knowing Trish I am sure she is counting her blessings. Her church family being one of them. I know God will get her through this and I ask again for prayer for her and her two little ones, Nick (6) and Courtney(4).

My blessings this week is a tribute to Trish and how she has blessed me this past year.

289. The first day I met her we clicked immediately. She was going to be my physical therapist for the next four months! It was obvious to me that she was a christian. We each shared our testimonies as I tried exercising for the first time.

290. She is a tiny little thing. Me? Not so much. But she was able to move me and lift me and do the things that I couldn't do. Sometimes we would get to laughing so hard that I would have to say ~ Okay, put on your poker face and let's get back to work. Therapy, no matter how painful, was always fun because of Trish.

291. When Trish spoke of her husband her eyes lit up. She loved him and was in love with him. Two different, but very important things.

292. She is very caring to everyone. One time she was very late because she found a stray dog and she knew she had to take care of it somehow. Come to think of it, this dog may have died in the fire too. I don't know if it was an indoor pet. Another time she was late because she saw a little seven year old boy roaming the streets and knew he should be in school. He had missed the bus. Trish took him back to his house and the boy's mom said he was big enough to get himself ready for school and she went back to bed. She was visibly upset and before we did therapy we prayed for the young boy. Trish checked up on the boy's situation the rest of the week and ended up calling the authorities.

293. I shared with her cd's of my favorite christian group, 4Him, and she shared with me hers, which is Natalie Grant. Over the year we have each kept forgetting to give back the borrowed cd's. This makes me cry, but at least I have something of hers that I know she cherished that I can give back to her. A tiny piece of home, I guess.

294. I love to laugh more than anything and she would tell me story after story about her kids.
She would tell me that she always thought of me when they did something funny because she knew how much I would enjoy it!

295. And most importantly she blessed me with her day to day testimony of God's love. We talked often about our parent's death and other things that we had in common. She and I both agreed that God DOES know what's best in our lives, even when we cannot understand it.


Goofy Girl said...

It sounds like Trish has many blessings in her life, and I hope that she can see them through this time. I know you'll be there for her as she needs it. :)

Donetta said...

loving you, Sis big hug

Faith said...

I loved reading this.
Sounds like a wonderful person.
Blessings to you!
Ps I am back on my blog. SoulFest and NH were a great treat!