YAY, It's Another Friday Fun Day!


276. I feel blessed getting gas for $3.91 this afternoon before it went up to $4.27!!

277. I've been blessed this week with getting some needed sleep! I am never too comfortable sleeping and spend a lot of time awake at night...which is a great time to pray for y'all. But I am thankful for my rest!

278. I am blessed each week with my kids. They are such a joy to me and I love it that they want to spend time with me and their dad. We went to the midnight showing of Dark Knight together. It's more fun going at midnight with all the other dorks that can't wait until the next day! Very good movie, btw. Definitely not for children. Heath Leger is amazing. If you liked the first one you will love this one!

279. Blessed with prayer warriors that pray for me daily! My mom is one of them and she is such a sweet, kind lady. I know you all would love her too!

280. And then there's this little fellow. His name is David and I FINALLY got to meet him. His daddy used to work for us and then he moved to Michigan. Every time they've been down for a visit I've been in the hospital. But not this time! David was so much fun to play with and I got him to belly laughing harder than even his parents can! Babies bring true joy to my life. I could sit and watch them for hours on end!

Kailani is the hostess with the mostest for this easy, breezy meme each week. So simple to play along! Just answer the light hearted question and if ya want post one on your blog too! C'mon, I dare ya. I double dog dare ya!

My question this week is:

Have you ever been on TV? If so, what for?

When we were on vacation back in 1994 we went to Universal Studios in California. They were filming a tv concert called Summer Blast 1994. I was so excited because we got to watch All-4-One sing I Swear and then one of my faves, Richard Marx, performed too! I got to meet him. While he was practicing I was taking pictures of him. He stopped and pulled down his shades and flashed me a big smile and said, "Hi!" I melted and said, "Thank you!"

I didn't know if we would be on tv or not, but when they aired the show we had the VCR all set up to tape just in case we were on. Yes, we were geeky. And yep, there we are waving our hands in the air and swaying back and forth having a blast! A summer blast that is...teehee!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I was on the news in high school for the students picketing them taking away our extra cirricular activies

Qtpies7 said...

I think when I was pretty young my brother and I were on the news because of some carnival thingy. I don't even remember what it was for.

The Woman said...

yeah, unfortunately, they showed a glimpse of me and mine at the state fair watching the hot air balloons. Oh joy, I looked like crap but then if I had been lookin nice they wouldn't have aimed the camera at me lol

Cathi said...

When my daughter Britt was five, she was a patient at San Diego Children's Hospital for five weeks while her disease, Myasthenia Gravis was diagnosed. The television show 'San Diego at Large' did a piece on the hospital and Britt was the spotlight shild. I am in the background. :)

Dee said...

yes I played volleyball on tv

Kimmie said...

Hi Amy;

I love the color of your blog...it just is such eye candy. I really am desiring to make some changes over at my blog- but just not the time or the money to do it. Thanks for letting me oggle yours ;-)

Sweet blessings, such a sweet heart you have.

Thanks for sharing your fame too!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

happyathome said...

I have been on TV only in backround shots and general information, some with political involvement and some with volunteering!
Stop by my blog for an Aloha Friday question you probably have never thought of!

Faith said...

I was on PBS when in high school choir for a xmas concert back in 1977 (my jr year) and then on the news in 1996 when the local news station was interviewing moms at the beach (a lake north of us) about how we watch our kids at the beach. It was a news special just after a young child died in a different lake in our area while being on a trip with a daycare center. I looked ok....thank God I had my swimsuit cover up on! LOL

diana said...

no, i haven't ever been on tv. but my son has a couple of times. just one of those "being in the right place at the right time" kind of things.

Kailani said...

I've been on the local news a couple of times. :-)

An Island Life

Sandy said...

Your TV story is too funny! I was on our local TV news when there was a horrible robbery of two houses up the street from us....sad time to be on TV. Your experience sounds so much better!! :)

Michelle said...

I love reading your blessings! David is a cutie!