Thursday Thirteen #7

Continuing On With 13 More Things About Me, Amy, That Start With "G"!!

1. God ~ My Heavenly Father! Even though I fail daily, my purpose in life is to glorify Him in all I say and do.

2. Giraffes ~ Most of y'all know how much I dig 'em! It's not like I study and read everything I can about them. I just really, really enjoy going to Binder Park Zoo and feeding them and observing them. They are truly miraculous creatures! And check out this place for a live giraffe cam!

3. Gold therapy ~ When I was a teenager I used to get gold shots for my arthritis. And yes, it contained real gold. Tiny, itsy, bitsy particles, but gold none the less!

4. Grilling ~ Mmmm, mmm! Boy how I love to grill out. We do it every Friday at the shop and we make plenty so everyone can have a take home bag for the weekend! Chicken, burgers, dogs, oh my!

5. Google ~ I'm a googler. And if you google my name, these are some dolls I collect made by a couple of little elderly ladies on The Isle of Wight.

6. Games ~ My family LOVES to play games together! And I am happy to say that even though they are older now, the still love to have family night and play board games!

7. Guys & Dolls ~ The movie was horrible, but watching it live is SO much fun, especially when your husband is in it! David has performed in a lot of musicals, but this one is probably my fave.

8. Green beans ~ Carrots used to be my favorite, but this summer I have been enjoying fresh green beans. Just give me a huge bowl full and that's my supper. Throw in a piece of cornbread and I'm your best friend!

9. Girl's Night Out ~ Now I don't get to do this often enough, but I when my friend comes from Missouri and my other friend comes from Pennsylvania, we go O.U.T!!!! It really doesn't matter where we go as long as it is away from the kids, the phone, the housework, and yes, even the husbands!

10. Grab Bags ~ This is one of my very favorite things to make up for kids. I love the smile on their faces and how their eyes light up when they realize how much stuff is in them! They are easy to do and if you are a good shopper like me you can manage to make up a bag for a dollar or two. Yes, I am a great bargain hunter! TeeHee!!

11. Glasses ~ Oh, I need 'em bad! I'm being stubborn and not getting them because everyone in my family has to wear them now. I'm determined to be different. Yeah, I'm that dumb. And blind!

12. Grape ~ I love crisp, fresh grapes and grape juice, BUT I do not like grape flavored candy or Kool Aid.

13. Giggle ~ I've been told I sound like Betty Rubble when I get really tickled at something. I also have a really loud laugh that people say is infectious. I just hope it's not too annoying!


Monday through Sunday said...

LOVE grapes as well! God is GREAT!

Peyton's Mom said...

Can't do grape "flavored" anything either!!

Happy Thursday!

Spice said...

I lobe grapes, making a grape salad this weekend for a BBQ here. :) Great list. Mine is up here: Spice World

Laura said...

OOOOhhh....when we were in Colorado Springs, last summer, we got to feed the giraffes! The kids LOVED it!

Happy T13!