Thursday Thirteen #6

13 Fantastic Things About Me That Start With The Letter "F"!!

1. Facebook ~ I love it! It's easy and simple which is a plus for me. Right now I am having too much fun playing games against my friends. If you haven't signed up for it, you ought too. FUN, I say!

2. Flower ~ My favorite flower is a snapdragon. Any color will do nicely.

3. Fish ~ We have a 110 gallon aquarium with some pretty cool fish. I had no idea that fish could have as much personality as dogs and cats. For those of you that think fish are boring, I would think twice!

4. Flying ~ Love it SO much! I usually get the window seat because I am spoiled, but to be above the clouds and looking at God's creation is breathtaking!

5. First Crush ~ No, it wasn't Donny Osmond believe it or not. It was my next door neighbor. His name was David. I was five. He was twenty five. And engaged. I cried at his wedding because he wasn't marrying me. At least he held me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said I would always be his #1 girl. We still laugh about it to this day!

6. 4Him ~ This is my all time most favoritest christian singing group. I've seen them numerous times in concert and have all their cd's. Their songs truly keep my spirits high and remind me again and again of how wonderful our Heavenly Father is!

7. Finding Nemo~ This is such a cute movie. I even watch it when there are no kids around! I think Ellen DeGeneres did a great job, don't you?

8. Friends ~ "There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met." I love this quote, don't you?

9. Father and Father-In-Law ~ Both of them have passed away, but both of them were huge influences in my life. My father taught me how to be patient, kind and put others first. My father-in-law taught me how to come out of my comfort zone and be more outgoing when talking to others. The above quote describes him perfectly. I have always said that dad never met a stranger. I miss them both, but I know I will see them again in Heaven!

10. Fruit ~ Oh man, it's hard to choose a favorite, but I love strawberries, watermelon and fresh peaches. Ooh, and apples too! And grapes. Let's face's ALL good!

11. Family ~ Very close with every single one of them. On both sides. It's so nice to be part of a family where there are never any feuds or fights going on. Seriously. It's that perfect! We are blessed!

12. Fingers~ Because I have arthritis my fingers on my left hand are all crooked and don't bend. On my right hand they are straight because I had them fused but the surgery hurt so bad I decided not to have my left hand done. I get stared at a lot because of this, but that's okay. I'd probably look too!

13. Faith ~ I believe that God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for my sins so that I may live with Him for all eternity. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was eight years old. If you would like to know Jesus, please click on "Faith". It's a free gift that you can't live without!


Qtpies7 said...

What a great list!

Michelle said...

You're so creative - I'm enjoying your Thur 13 list as you go through the alphabet!

Marina said...

thank you amy it looks like the worset is over now the sun seems to what to shine! Parise God!! mairna