Thursday Thirteen #3

13 More Things About Me, Amy! I'm Up To The Letter "C"!

1. Clowns ~ Don't like 'em one bit. They scare me. Whew, I'm glad I have that off my chest!

2. Christian ~ I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was eight years old! Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This verse helps me everyday. Especially on days when I am really hurting.

3. Cheese ~ For years I never liked cheese unless it was a grilled cheese. My husband, who loves every kind of cheese, thought I was crazy. One day I asked him if I could have a bite of his feta cheese. He looked at me like I was nuts. I tried it and loved it! Now I love all kinds of cheeses, but feta and cheddar are my favorite!

4. Chicken ~ Since we're talkin' food...right now chicken is my favorite meat. We grill out every Friday at work and it is ever so good. Mouth watering good I tell ya!

5. Crockpot ~ I recently bought a new much larger one and we are loving it! The Crockpot Lady has some great recipes on her site. Makes life alot simpler when you can throw it in the crock!

6. Children's books ~ I still read 'em. I'm 43. I love the Little House series. I love all Dr. Seuss books. And when I go to the doctor...I grab a Highlights magazine. Think what you want, I don't care!

7. Catsup ~ I don't like for my condiment to read - catsup. I like the bottle to read - ketchup. I don't know why it matters. It just does to me. And yes, I am very childish!

8. Crayons ~ Oh, how I love me a new box of Crayola's!! The bigger the better. And the smell? One of the best ever! And look at all the shades of blue, will ya? Pretty!

9. Chocolate Mousse Cake ~ This is my husband's specialty. He makes this for each of our birthday's and for the kid's graduation open houses. It's always a huge hit wherever he takes it!
(click on chocolate mousse cake and you'll be able to make this dessert just in time for the 4th!)

10. Comics ~ My favorite comic strip of all time is Peanuts. When I was a little girl my dad used to buy me all kinds of Peanuts books. I would lay in bed each night and laugh and laugh. My dad said he could hear me giggling and that would make him laugh too!

11. Cash Cab ~ This is my new favorite game show. So simple. So clever. Plus it's a double C. Did ya notice? Bonus points for me!

12.Casablanca ~ I have never seen it. Nor do I have any desire to either. Is it worth watching?

13. Coconut ~ YUCKY! The smell alone makes my tummy queasy. Everyone in my family loved it, especially my dad. So please don't send me any candles or candy that contain coconut.

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Carol said...

Phil. 4:13 is one of my favorites, too. Great 13! 'Cause C is also for me!

Nicole said...

Absolutely my favorite bible verse. I loved reading your entire TT and we have lots in common. At least in the "C" world ;)

I really enjoyed your TT!

Danielle said...

I love your alphabet idea! Great post! I like checking out blogs that I have not been to and so far yours is my favorite!!!

Christine said...

You have got to have your husband share his secret recipe for the Chocolate Mousse cake! Pretty Please!!

I knew we had a lot in common. I love everything on your list.

Linda said...

I was with ya all the way 'til coconut! But still, we have an awful lot in common. I also am requesting the mousse recipe!

Faith said...

Oh my gosh!!!! You have never seen Casablanca???? you MUST see that...YES it is sooo worth it! (you must have missed my valentines day tradition post!)

i LOVE the smell of crayons, too. When my oldest was 4 (she just kinda learned to read on her own) she was coloring and I said Oh Courtney I love the blue color. She said Actually mommy it's CERULEAN blue. OK....good old book box of crayolas.

Your hubby's mousse cake sounds great!

Faith said...

oops...that was suppposed to say good old BIG box of crayolas!! HAPPY 4th!

Kailani said...

I don't care for coconuts either. I like Haupia but everything else is yuck!

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