Thursday Thirteen #5

13 More & Exciting Things About Me That Start With The Letter "E"!!

1. Ethel M Chocolates ~ Pssst, I have to let some of you in on a little secret...these are yum.i.lish.ous!! And yes, that is a word. Seriously, these are the BESTEST chocolates I have ever eaten. They are so good that even I cannot pick a favorite! And since my birthday is just around the corner it would be real easy to just click and ship me a box! Just kidding. No I'm not.

2. Engaged ~ David proposed to me on December 4, 1983 which was two days after my brother got married. We were shopping in JC Penney and he stopped by the jewelry counter and said, "Which one would you pick out?" I looked for a minute and saw one that was perfect and he said, "Well? Are we going to get married or what?" I replied, "Sure!" We were married September 8th the following year! My husband feels bad for the way he proposed, but I always knew we would be together so it was natural to me the way it came about.

3. Eggs ~ I go in spurts if I like 'em or not. I normally love egg salad anytime, but if I were to eat eggs for breakfast they would have to be over medium. I like runny centers and dipping my toast in it. My family thinks that's disgusting!

4. Ears ~ I have my father's ears. Well, not literally. That would just be weird! And just like my dad I have, on my right ear, two little bumps. I've never seen anyone else have these. I guess that makes us special!

5. Eighties ~ I love the eighties! I graduated in 1982, married in 1984 and had my first joint replacements in 1986. Which, BTW, are still in great condition. I was told they would only last 13 years. Something else I am thankful for!

6. Europe ~ I have been fortunate to go to many countries in Europe. My husband and I have been to France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. I would love to go back to Switzerland someday!

7. East Side Baptist Church ~ This is my church and I have been going there since I was eight years old. I absolutely love it there and have been blessed with a supportive church family. And my bestest fwend in the whole wide world goes there too!

8. Electric shock ~ I was shocked badly one time when my nurse shark, Fluffy, bumped his filter pipes. About 60 gallons of water spewed out on the carpet. I thought I had everything dried up by the next night and when I went to turn on the light to the tank it shocked me and sent me flying to the ground. I had to have my shoulder replaced about a year later because of it. I just feel bad because I killed Fluffy. He was cool. Sigh.

9. Escalator ~ Don't like 'em. I'm not fast enough when it's time to step off of it and I've stumbled before. I was afraid I was gonna have to yell, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

10. Ellison and Ellen ~ These were the names of my grandparents and Evans was my father's middle name. Can you tell I am running out of ideas for the letter "e"!! Oh yeah, and my bestest fwend's husband's name is Earl. And he hates it when I sing the Dixie Chicks song Goodbye Earl to him. ;o)

11. Eager Beavers ~ This was the name of my Bible club when I was little. We earned our stickers by saying our verse each week and bringing visitors. Now we have something called Awana at our church, which is a much better program.

12. Exercise ~ Yep. Need to do it more often. Because I was in such pain and bedridden for awhile I lost alot of my range of motion. I used to think that since I couldn't lift weights or use a stair climber and other such machines that there wasn't anything I could do. But nope. I was wrong. I've started out slowly with sitting on the side of my bed and doing leg lifts and and things like that.

13. Eternal ~ The best thing about my life that starts with the letter "e" is that I know for certain that when I die I will go to Heaven and live with my Lord and Savior for all eternity! Nothing is better than knowing that!

So please entertaine me and tell me something about you that starts with "E"!!


Maisie said...

What an interesting way to propose. My husband proposed on the beach, but then he said something really stupid and kind of ruined the whole mood. Oh well. What a coincidence - we got our rings at Penney's too. They were $100 each. We were really poor, but in love. 18 years later - we're still wearing the same rings.

aliceaudrey said...

I have little bumps on my ears, too, but they are left from when they were pierced.

Allison Says said...

What a cool list! About the eggs...I've never heard it called "over medium" before! I call it "over easy" (at least if we're talking about the same thing!). I love dippy eggs, though..yum yum!

What a great proposal!

Happy TT :)

Faith said...

Fun list!
I'm back to bloggin by the way!
And it's easy to find something with E...
My middle name is Ellen! (which I hate)
I LOVE eggs but can't eat lots anymore.
Elephants are what my little girl collects. Same as my mother in law...must be in the genes or somethin'!

Goofy Girl said...

I think the engagement sounds like fun - not everyone needs the huge big deal thing. :)