In "other" Words

Bonnie is our sweet hostess for this week's edition of In "other" Words.

The quote she has chosen is:

“The Christian life is a pilgrimage. At times the road is difficult and we get lonely. Sometimes we may get discouraged and consider abandoning the journey. It is at such times that God will place a friend alongside us. One of God’s most precious gifts to us is friends who encourage us and lovingly challenge us to ‘keep going.’ “

By Henry T. Blackaby & Richard Blackaby from their devotional book, Experiencing God

My church isn't small, but it's not huge either. We have about 250 in attendance each week. I've gone to my church since I was 8 years old. I've seen a few families come and go over the years. Not as many as you would expect though. Basically, we are a very close knit church.

This same group of people have been witness to my childhood until now. They've seen me as a little girl, full of energy and giggles. They watched as I became a young girl, full of pain and giggles, still.

After my father died in January, 2007 I became bedridden due to my hips. I needed two new bionic ones! I'd had many other replacements over the years, so this was nothing new. Except for being stuck at home. In one room. For months on end.

My church family has always been supportive when I've had surgeries in the past. Lots of cards, phone calls, flowers and food. Oh my, the food. Baptists do know how to cook! My family actually looked forward to my surgeries because they knew they would be fed well. LOL!

This past year was no different. The outpouring of love from everybody was amazing. Most of the people didn't realize how bad off I actually was this time around. There were times when I didn't know how I could face living another day. I wasn't suicidal, but I did beg and plead for the Lord to come back and take me.

I had so many visits from friends that didn't care if I was in my pajamas and hadn't had any kind of a bath in days. And normally that would embarrass me to no end, but I needed them. I needed their shoulders to cry on. I needed their smiling faces to keep my spirits up. I needed their prayers to keep on going. At least for another day.

I received a card from one friend in particular. Her name is Sharon. She was always involved in children's ministries, visitation and hospitality. A more devoted christian would be hard to find.

She has Multiple Sclerosis. She cannot walk. She cannot eat or drink. She cannot speak. She cannot hold her head up without a brace.

It is extremely difficult for her to write her name, let alone a letter. I have never sobbed so hard when reading what Sharon had to say. She wrote and told me how much she prays for me each day and that I was an encouragement to her. She told how wonderful our God is and that some sweet day we will no longer be in pain. She told me she loved me.

How could I be an encouragement to her? I could still walk using crutches. I could still quench my thirst and satisfy my hunger. I could sit and laugh with friends. I could sit and gripe about my woes if I wanted. I didn't need a brace just to keep my head erect so I didn't feel like I was suffocating. I was humbled, indeed.

This dear woman is my inspiration. And her husband too. I only went through a tiny portion of what they face day in and day out. For her to take the time and write me a beautiful letter like that is a true blessing.

It's obvious how much she loves the Lord and is willing to go the distance for Him. She's a true prayer warrior. A better friend you'll never find!

Would you please pray for Sharon and her husband, Jim? They face many trials each and every day and never complain about how much has been handed to them. They serve the Lord with all their heart and are true inspirations to all of us who know them! Thank you.


Sandy said...

Oh Amy, that is so sweet that she wrote you such a dear note. I will pray for this sweet women.
And I love that quote from Henry Blackaby. I need to keep that, it is so true!

Faith said...

This touched my heart. I will pray for them and for complete healing as well. Love the quote! I did one of his Bible Studies years ago in my former church. He is awesome author!