For Today

For Today...

Outside my is kind of overcast and a lot cooler than it has been....only 78 degrees this morning!

I am thinking...of all the families that need prayer this morning. My heart is heavy this morning. So many people facing such trials and hurting.

I am thankful health! A year ago I had one hip replaced and was anxiously awaiting another one. I've come along way baby! I give all the glory to God!!

From the kitchen...leftovers. I made a huge crockpot full of sesame ginger chicken yesterday with brown rice and carrots. Even better the second day!

I am creating...a list of the Bible stories we want to make sure our Awana girls get taught this year. Most of the kids come from unchurched homes so this is a huge opportunity for us leaders to teach them about Christ and salvation!

I am wearing...the usual. Jeans, tennis shoes and a red tee shirt with the American flag. We don't dress to fancy around the shop. I'll probably end up getting grease on me somehow!

I am books right now, but a long e-mail from a new friend I have made! I am so excited and look forward to being able to witness to her. She is ten years younger than I am and also has arthritis. She's not handling it too well so I hope I am able to encourage her. Please pray for me as I do this!

I am feel really well this week, especially my hands. I have lots of writing to do in some ledgers and I need my hands to work!

I am hearing...Chris Daughtry's cd playing. The guys out in the shop always have a cd going. Sometimes I torture them and make them play something I would like such as The Osmonds, The Carpenter's or The Bee Gees!

Around the house...things are moving and a shaking! My husband (PTL) wants to get rid of some junk!! And all the angels sang...Hallelujah!

One of my favorite things...a sense of accomplishment. It feels good when something gets done for a change and you can actually make a checkmark on your list. And that checkmark means...DONE!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The try and keep my husband in the getting rid of junk mood! Can you say, "Hellooooo Goodwill!"

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Once again, this is Luke Menard. He was on American Idol this year and made it to the top 16. He was diagnosed with cancer shortly after getting voted off. Our community has been so supportive and has had numerous fund raisers for him. On Saturday Luke gave a concert at the local high school. Read here and here if you are interested! Please remember to pray for this sweet young man as he seeks God's direction for his life.


Marye said...

Ginger chicken? Yummy!
Isn't it fun finally having the opportunity to be the Titus2 model to younger women? :)
Blessings, marye

Faith said...

I love ginger chicken!

Your Daybook is nice....I will pray your hands work well this week if you pray I won't get lost getting to Lake Winnipesaukee from Albany NY (i'm driving through Vermont and up thru NH)...thanks!